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wger Workout Manager is a free, open source web application that manages your exercises, workouts and nutrition. It started as a pet project of mine to replace my growing collection of different spreadsheets, but it has become something other people could also find useful.


You can create and manage flexible workout routines for any goals you have. Select exactly which exercises you'll do and how many repetitions, time or distance you want to do them. You can also combine different workouts into a schedule.


Create your personal diet plan by creating as many meals with as many different ingredients as you need. The application will calculate the nutritional values (total energy, protein, carbohydrates, and so on) about the whole plan as well as the indivual meals.


Enter the weights and repetitions you did for each exercise to generate diagrams that let you see at a glance how well you are doing. The raw numbers are of course still accessible. Você pode também informar notas e uma impressão geral (ótimo, neutro, etc.)


Entre muitos outros

  • Rastreador de peso

    Keep track of your progress with the body weight chart. This makes it easy to see if you are reaching your goals or need to adjust something.

  • Calendário

    Get an overview of how and when you trained as well as how you personally felt you performed. Access all your individual diary entries with one click.

  • Banco de dados de exercícios

    The exercise database contains more than hundred exercises from which you can choose when creating a workout. You can view them by category and equipment used or muscles trained.

  • Gerenciamento de academia

    Use the application for your gym to manage its members, their workouts and attendance. You can manage the members' contracts, keep notes and upload any files you might need.


    wger provides a REST API with full read and write access to all data so you can integrate your own application and tools.

  • 100% livre
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